Closing Keynote: Angela Maiers

“Changing the Conversation: Using Technology R.I.G.H.T”

“I Matter!” – That is at the core of making technology right.  They will change lives and change the world.

Honor passion
Talent Amplifier

Does this make our learning global?

We don’t grow with surrounding ourselves with people like ourselves.  Things get accomplished when we work independently not when we are told what to do.  This will take away the learner’s power.  Technology should amplify this power.  What can you accomplish with the tools not the tools themselves.

What is the most important criteria to consider?  Julia and Shelby – students

Shelby – Talent amplifier.  Technology is a place to get noticed by other people.  It is not just to talk about ourselves.  Give opportunity for people to learn from us.

Julia – Talent amplifier.  You want to spread your knowledge to other people.  If you surround yourself with people like you there is no room to grow.  Using the internet has given you a chance to tell the world your ideas.

Every day should be AWESOME!  Students are getting real tasks, real talk, in real time.  That is a game changer.  We are still presenting the internet like digital library.  The web is not static.  It’s alive, living and breathing.  It is constantly changing.  Web 2.0 is about interacting with the web.  Web 3.0 is that you are of the web.  You are a part of it’s living ecosystem.  You are not just visiting the web, we are a part of the web.  We matter more than the technology.  Learning is in the NOW!

Realtime awesomeness.

Anne Frank Video Clip

The future:
Hologram computers
Cellphone tower that fits in the palm of your hand.

Teachers must stray from the boundaries of everyday classroom life. We must make class a lifetime expense everyday

Critical thinking is happen it all the time.  It should not just be a classroom lesson, it is a part of what it takes to live in this world.

We can learn what Nasa discovered today.  That makes the information in our text books no longer accurate. – Forces you to ask good questions.  The questions are geolocated which adds another layer of credibility.  If you are asking a question that can just be googled then it is not a good question.  You get more points for asking better questions.


I found this woman extremely motivating and inspiring.  She helped me to understand how much we are a part of the web


Do you see readers in Barnes and Noble creating arts and crafts projects after reading a novel?  No.

What does it mean to be a learner, writer, a citizen now?  What if students be exposed to real writers and journalist and scientist now?  This will help them to be more prepared for real life and higher expectations.  Is this worth one minute per day?

Own Your Genius!!!!!  Students just want to know they matter!

How do we help you know that you matter not just to the teacher but to the world?
Trust me to do real world problems, empower me, love me, smile at me, honor me, help  me.

Students said:  “To matter is to be yourself.  To matter is to trust yourself.  To matter to be noticed by the other people for the things you have done to help the world.  In order to help people you have to notice the small things you do for them.”

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