Schools are struggling to keep up with the demands of curriculum design and upgrades to prepare students for modern skills and emerging literacies. Professional development needs to offer opportunities for teachers to transform traditional experiences and redefine their own learning and in consequence their teaching practices.

edJEWcon is proud to announce its Coaching and Consultation institute dedicated to thought-leadership, holistic school improvement, and helping Jewish day schools reach their potential as exemplars of 21st century learning in action. edJEWcon believes that best practice requires concentric circles of learning, reflecting and sharing within schools, between schools, and between communities of schools.

If your school becomes an edJEWcon cohort,

You will:

  • Experience 21st century skills and literacies in action
  • Learn by documenting and reflecting on your own process
  • Share with a larger community of Jewish educators
  • Benefit from a customized team of coaches and resources
  • Participate in virtual and face-to-face experiences, such as webinars, individual site visits, 1:1 coaching, regional and national conferences
  • Critically dive into information literacy, pedagogical interests, collaboration and professional self-reflection

If your school becomes an edJEWcon cohort,

We will:

  • A 5 day on site skill-building hands-on bootcamp with coaches
  • Coaching of 5 cohort members from your school
  • 1 monthly webinar session for cohort group
  • 1 hour 1:1 virtual coaching session for each cohort member  per month
  • Professional blog for each cohort member to document, reflect & share learning journey
  • Fostering of self-directed & self-motivated learning

If your school becomes and edJEWcon cohort,


  • Capacity building at your school after the Institute ends
  • Visible Professional Development Learning
  • Communicate, collaborate, and connect among a network of professional educators
  • Be part of ecosystem of teaching and learning in the 21st century
  • Concentric circles of growth:  the school starts with a relatively small cohort of 5 members, the big picture consists of the creation of a social network and curation of resources, the professional support of each other, the documentation and transparent contribution. Cohort members become models for their colleagues