How do we “give” people courage, compassion and a voice?

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I stumbled across this role play …

The message is beyond powerful and there are so many reminders in it. It pushes my thinking  way beyond  children. To me, it reminds us to consider every person that we have contact with, every day.

  • Do we remember to look up and smile at people as we pass them – even if we don’t know their names?
  • Do we issue reminders of the rules without acknowledging people’s presence?
  • Do we listen when others tell us why or ask us how?
  • Do we stop talking on our phones when we enter a store or pay at a cashier?
  • Do we thank the bus driver as he greet every person that enters the bus?
  • Do we ask people about their day and listen to their response?

A conversation with a child on Friday really disturbed me… It led me to wonder …

  • Do we invite children to be a part of their learning in a way that is maeningful to them?
  • Do children see the relevance of what we are presenting to them in the ways that we hope they do?
  • How often do we make decisions without consulting  the people that are involved?
  • How do we “give” people courage, compassion and a voice?

I wonder what this makes other people think  …

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