Is edJEWcon a technology conference?

edJEWcon is not a technology conference. edJEWcon is a conference about learning. Technology has changed learning, as it has transformed most aspects of our modern world. But the focus of edJEWcon is to enable teachers to benefit from this transformation.

Who decides the content of an edJEWcon conference? Is there significant content for Jewish Studies teachers?

edJEWcon is not about content but about transparent, immersive learning including the components of reflection and sharing. Modern pedagogies can be applied in any learning environment and used with any content.

Our teachers are already involved in professional development. Won’t adding one more thing be a waste of resources right now?

edJEWcon is not “one more thing.” edJEWcon helps transform professional learning, making it more accessible and personalized so that every teacher grows according to his or her needs, abilitie* s, interests and background knowledge. edJEWcon will extend and deepen whatever professional development is already taking place at your school.

What happens after edJEWcon? How do we measure the impact?

edJEWcon requires a mind-shift about professional learning. No longer should professional development be an event. The edJEWcon model of “learn, reflect, share” is a pathway to becoming connected, reflective learners. edJEWcon provides multiple platforms for reflection, sharing and connection beyond the face-to-face learning sessions.