EdJEWcon By The Numbers

Over the course of the learning today, we collectively generated a ton of information, captured 16 pages of notes, and shared tons of related resources, ideas, and connections. What follows are screenshots using several different services that analyze and visualize what we shared via Twitter. Very interesting what we created:

This is a tag cloud of the most popular words used in our collective tweets. The bigger the word, the more times it was used. It’s already apparent that LEARNING is at the center of our work!

This is a graphic that shows the top tweeters as of this afternoon. @debbyj18, @israelconnect, and @redmenace56 were our top 3!

This is a tag cloud of twitter handles based on their association with the #edjewcon hashtag. I see a lot of familiar names in here! I’m talking to you @edtechworkshop!

This is a representation of how far reaching our tweets could potentially be–just in the moment this afternoon. As time goes by, these numbers go up, up, up! Right now, these numbers represent the collective network that is made up of our local tweeters, plus everyone in their network.

These are the Twitter users whose tweets were the most re-tweeted (shared again) using the #edJEWcon hashtag.

This map represents where in the world our tweets were originated. Jacksonville is certainly represented, but so is California, Arizona, New York, Connecticutt, Rhode Island, and Eastern Canada. We even had tweets from as far away as Israel. Multi-state and multi-nation interactions. EdJEWcon is already reaching around the world!

All in all, this was a GREAT kickoff to this year’s EdJEWcon! I’m thrilled to be part of all of it and love learning beside all of you. It’s great to see old friends from last year AND meet new friends this year…connecting, collaborating, become new colleagues.

Happy Conference everyone!

-Mike Fisher

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