Module 1 Orientations to Teaching TaNaKh
Unit 1 Introduction and Objectives
Module 2 Introduction to Orientations
Unit 1 Overview
Unit 2 How can Knowing about Orientations Benefit me as a Teacher?
Unit 3 Discussion of Reading
Unit 4 Maps for Teaching Bible
Unit 5 My Orientations Biography
Unit 6 Applying What You Have Learned
Module 3 Migdal Bavel as a Model for Orientations
Unit 1 Studying and Discussing the Text
Unit 2 Greenstein Article on Various Approaches to understanding Migdal Bavel
Unit 3 Your Reactions
Unit 4 Discussion of Levisohn, Galili-Schacter, and Cook and Kent articles
Unit 5 Beyond Greenstein
Module 4 Case Studies
Unit 1 Reading the Case Studies
Unit 2 Discussion of the Case Studies-Theory
Unit 3 Discussion of the Case Studies-Practice
Module 5 "Tachlis"--Application to Our Own Classrooms
Unit 1 Review
Unit 2 Backward design Templates
Unit 3 Backward Design Videos
Unit 4 Collaborative Application
Unit 5 Collaborative Lesson Planning Task