Challenge 7- Professional Goals


It is common practice in many schools to ask educators about their professional goals in the beginning of the school year.

What are professional goals?

Every school year is an opportunity to focus on a specific area of growth in ourselves as educators. Professional goals could be imposed by our administrators, schools or districts (extrinsically) or they could be deeply personal and intrinsically motivated.

What are some professional goals teachers might set for themselves:

  • become more tech savvy
  • implement blogging as another form of pedagogy
  • become a leader in piloting a STEAM program at the school
  • mentor new teachers
  • increase the target language spoken in the classroom
  • teach cross-curriculuar
  • co-teach with another teacher
  • connect students globally
  • etc.

One Word

In the Blogger- and Twittersphere, the hashtag #oneword and #onewordEDU became also quite popular with teachers to share their ONE word, their goals with each other. It has become a tradition for many to repeat this every new school year to focus their efforts, reflect on what they stand for, to push their growth in a certain direction. Many teachers are transferring this valuable exercise to their classrooms with their students as well.

Tech in Teaching shares the following steps to create your ONE word:


Challenge Instructions are Simple:

  1. Reflect on your goals for this upcoming year
  2. Choose ONE word that captures your goals best or that is a priority for you
  3. Add a short narrative Why you choose that ONE word?
  4. Share your one word by posting a blog post and leave the link to your blog post in the comment section below
  5. Optional: Tweet the link to your blog post on Twitter using the hashtags #oneword , #onewordEDU & #edJEWcon





Below you will find a few samples of educators sharing their #OneWord and narrative on their blogs:





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