Challenge 5: The 1-Day-Blue Challenge


In Challenge 5 you will take photographs with your camera, select one image and upload it to your blog. To give the activity another twist, it includes the challenge for you to become meta cognitively aware of the process of documentation and how it changes the way you view your surroundings, look more in detail at contrasts, similarities, meanings, changes, trends, groupings, status quo, the proverbial box, creativity, etc.

Let’s think of documentation as a way to become more self-aware and to fuel our motivation to learn as well as support us in making decision of what we want/need to learn next. Documentation is part of learning process (learn-reflect-share), where we become aware of details and nuances, we reflect deeper, we learn more about ourselves as learners and make thinking and learning visible that otherwise would have been hidden under the surface.


Here is how it works:

  1. Choose one specific day for the challenge (24 hours)
  2. Take time to look for and notice all of the blue in the world around you.
  3. Take (capture) as many photographs as you like, but remember that you can only post one photograph that you believe best defines blue in your world. (Be aware of how often you you think about the color blue? How you take into consideration that you will have other people seeing your “Photo of Blue”? How is the photograph and the color blue connected to your life?,etc.)
  4. By the end of your day, upload and share your photograph to your blog.
  5. Add a reflection in your post that explains why this representation of blue is important to you. Reflect how participating in the challenge made you more aware of blue and in what way? Reflecting on the process and your experience of noticing blue, taking images of blue, filtering all images of blue and then selecting the ONE image you shared on your blog. How did the thinking of “documenting all things blue” as you were looking for and photographing blue deepen your understanding of blue and what it means in connection to your life?
  6. Leave a comment on this post with a link to your blog post where you share your “blue” image and reflection. Added bonus: tweet out or share on Instagram the link to your blog and add the hashtags #documenting4learningblue #edJEWcon

Uploading an image to your blog

Step 1:

In order to upload an image to your blog, you will need to have the image file saved on your blogging device.
If you are blogging from a laptop or desktop, you will need to transfer the image file from the camera device to the laptop/desktop.  If you are blogging directly from your smartphone or a tablet and you took the image on that phone or table, you can skip the next step.

Step 2:

E-mail the image (from the smartphone/tablet) to yourself, then open the image up on your blogging device (laptop/desktop), save the image to your device OR
if you have apple devices (iPhone/iPad/mac), you can also use the airdrop function to transfer the image from one device to the other.

Step 3:
    1. Log into your blog dashboard and open up your new post.
    2. Click on “Add Media” button


  1. Navigate to the image, you would like to upload
  2. Click on the “open” button


Step 4:
  1. Once the image is uploaded, make sure it is selected.
  2. Click insert into post.
  3. This will insert the chosen image at the place in your post, where your cursor had been placed. You can now choose to drag & drop (or cut/paste) your image within the post


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