Challenge 2: Choose a Blog Title and Tagline


A blog’s name is the first introduction to a potential reader. The title and tagline can give clues about the author and the potential topics the visitors can expect to read on the blog. They are important to consider as you are customizing and personalizing your blog and decide what you want to communicate about your blog and about what you are doing.

Blogging Challenge #2 is about playing with your blog’s title and tagline. Take the time, play around with different ones. Which ones sound better to you? Make a list, say them out loud, share them with someone and ask for their first reaction. When you have settled on one, save the changes in General Settings AND share them with us in the comment section below.

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The WordPress Explorer defines title and tagline on a blog in the following way:

The title, as you may have guessed, is what you call your website. It tells people who you are, and is how they’ll identify and find you online.

The tagline, on the other hand, is a short statement similar to a subtitle or advertising slogan. It tells visitors why your site exists and what it’s about.

5 Tips to help you choose your blog title:

  1. Your blog’s title is the first point of contact for your visitors/readers.
  2. The title can have something to do with your name, your classroom’s name or your school’s name or it could be a creative, catchy name.
  3. Your title should try to match your other social media usernames to make it easier for people to connect and recognize you as an author
  4. Try to keep your blog title short

5 Tips to help you create your blog tagline:

  1. You tagline helps support or even explain your blog’s title.
  2. Think of your tagline as an short elevator pitch, telling the visitor what and who you are about.
  3. Establish what makes your blog different than all the others. Make it clear why with you tagline.
  4. Make your tagline memorable, surprising, a play of words, or catchy.
  5. Make your personality visible through the tagline. If you are funny, be funny. If you question everything, let that come through…

Examples of blog titles and their taglines:

To be able to edit your blog’s title and tagline, log into your blog, go to the dashboard and click on “Settings”, then “General”.


Once in General Settings you can enter your site title and your tagline.


Once completed, do not forget to scroll down and save your changes.



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