Challenge 16: Share Your Favorite Blogs


As mentioned in a previous blogging challenge, blogging is about writing, but it begins with reading.

In a blog post  titled “Learning isn’t Collecting, it’s Connecting” by Mike Sturm, he points out the difference between collecting and connecting in learning.

You see, knowledge is not something you gather and collect, it’s something you make. You forge it out of information that you have connected with principles and concepts. So no amount of reading and information consumption will make you more intelligent, if you don’t do the work of making connections, and thus creating a lasting fabric of knowledge.

I think a mistake that we often make is to view learning as collecting, rather than connecting. You collect information, but you can only gain knowledge by connecting that information.

To illustrate what I mean here, imagine that you would like to build a house for you and your partner. You get a list and put on it all of the materials you’ll need: lumber, nails, drywall, shingles, siding, etc. You order it all, as well as the tools you’ll need, and have it dropped in the empty lot where the house will be. You now have all of the pieces of the house, ready to go. But you still don’t have a house.

It has become increasingly easier to collect and share “stuff”, such as information, links, tweets, images quotes, or blogs. What has suffered in the process, are the connections we make between that “stuff” and how it connects to our learning.

In this challenge, you will not only share 5 of your favorite blogs you read, but you will also reflect and make the connections to your learning. If you are not a regular blog reader, take look at, which shares interesting ideas, “clever to controversial, worth making time for…” You can search by area of interest.

  • Choose 5 Blogs you enjoy reading
  • In a blog post, list these blogs with their title, author and URL address
  • Make connections to:
    • your professional learning- How does this blog contribute to your area of learning at work?
    • personal learning- How does the blog add value to your learning in a personal area of interest?
    • learning of others- How does this blog contribute and add value to the learning of others?
    • an area of interest or passion you are currently investigating.
    • why the blog caught your attention and why do  you enjoy reading it?
  • Leave a comment below with the link to your blog recommendation post.

Blog Recommendation Samples

Jenny Luca’s Intercepting the Web


Jenny is Head of Information Services at a school in Australia. She blogs regularly on a variety of subjects, among them 21st century learning, libraries, and information literacy. I enjoy Jenny’s blogging style very much, because her thoughts are outlined clearly and supported with quality links (leading to interesting resources or an older, related blog post) or relevant embedded media (images or video).

Rodd Lucier’s The Clever Sheep


The blog’s title is intriguing enough to start reading Rodd’s blog, but it is the tag line that makes me come back and look forward to his posts: “Leading in a new Direction”. In his own words he is “on the lookout for opportunities to engage in meaningful conversations with others who see themselves as learners.” On his blog you will find ideas and resources to upgrade your traditionally taught lessons to the 21st century. As a teacher and consultant, Rodd shares specific examples, illustrated with images, to broaden his readers’ horizon and to start them THINKING about ” leading in a new direction”.

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