Challenge 10: Wild Card- Create Your Own Blogging Challenge


While Blogging Challenges and other bloggers can inspire you to get started in blogging and in your own writing, blogging is about YOU and YOUR learning journey and YOUR story.  As George Couros points out in his blog post Blogging is your Job,

When you look at it as an extra, it will not likely get done. When you see it as part of your job, it will get it done. Make appointments with yourself.  Keep them.  Fight through writers block. Take time to reflect.

How can you tell your story? How can YOU fight through writers’ block? Many times it is tied to keeping our eyes open to learn how to recognize :

  • what is worth sharing?
  • what story needs to be told?
  • what connections can I make to what I am reading?
  • what to document in order to make your own learning visible.
  • that successes and failures are part of the process of learning and deserve to be documented.
  • that our perspective and experiences might seem trivial or nothing out of the ordinary to ourselves, might be extraordinary, unique and a different perspective for others.

This challenge is a wild card, helping you stretch your own imagination of what type of blogger you are/want to be, giving you less instructions and more freedom to explore on your own or share, if you are already and established and experienced blogger,  make your creativity, style and passion shine through. What have you always wanted to try out on your blog? What type of blogging has challenged you in the past? Are you a blogger that wants to embed more visuals? Have you ever wanted to try vlogging? Push outside your comfort zone and recreate your own challenge.

Leave a comment below with a short challenge description and the link to your blog post.


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