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The Case for Required Coding in Elementary and Middle School

  Today, I came across this article on NPR, which describes when women stopped coding, and computer science became essentially a man’s world. This happened in 1984 for a very specific reason. In the 1940’s through the 1960’s, coding was dominated by women. They were leaders in the field and in terms of employment and growth; they were on-track with men for coding positions. Something changed. In the 1970’s and early 1980’s, home computers entered the marketplace, but weren’t very sophisticated. In looking for consumers, manufacturers realized that these simple machines…

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Hadas Heyman 

Providing Opportunities to Speak in Hebrew

How do I provide more opportunities for my students to speak Hebrew inside and outside the classroom? As a Hebrew language teacher, I’ve always asked myself this question over and over again. My students spend a short amount of time in my class every day, and this time is so precious and valuable. Every second should be planned effectively. My students know that wasting time is a big pet peeve of mine. There is time to write, read, use technology tools to enhance students’ learning, ask questions, discuss, work in…

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