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Professional Blogging: Our Reflections

Over the past five-ish months, a small cohort of teachers and administrators have been coached by Andrea Hernandez from EdJewCon to grow as reflective practitioners through the vehicle of blogging. As we are thinking about how to share our learning with other staff to change the purpose of blogging here at CESJDS, we took some time to reflect on our learning and outline it in presentation form to share with the community.

Please reach out to us with questions, comments, and inspiration for additional blog posts. What would you like to know about teaching and learning here at CESJDS?

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One thought on “Professional Blogging: Our Reflections

  1. Andrea Hernandez

    @Kim et al, thank you so much for sharing this reflection. This work, as you know, is not “easy.” Reflective practice takes time and doing it while learning new platforms is so much effort. As expert teachers, you have each been so open to the idea that “we don’t know what we don’t know.” It has been an amazing learning experience to work with this cohort. I marvel at the growth that has taken place in only four months (ok, five “Jewish months.)
    I hope that other faculty will follow your lead(ership) and find the professional learning value and school culture transformation that blogging can help provide.

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