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Alexis Soffler Andrea Hernandez Hadas Heyman Jessie Nathans Kim Sherk 

Looking Through a Lens: Visual Bingo

We started with a blank visual bingo template (thanks Darren Kuropatwa for sharing). We brainstormed keywords, using the 5 characteristics from The Adaptable Mind (curiosity, creativity, initiative, multi-disciplinary thinking and empathy) as broad headings.

Armed with our bingo boards, we set off to discover and photograph interpretations of our keywords. Afterwards, we reflected on the process as well as our individual products and discussed different applications of this type of activity.

Jessie’s collage:

Alexis’s Collage:

Kim’s Collage:

Hadas’s Collages (she made two):

Andrea’s Collage:


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One thought on “Looking Through a Lens: Visual Bingo

  1. hheyman

    Thank you Andrea for inspiring me to write and helping me bring out the great things that already happening at JDS. It was a great opportunity to reflect on my personal growth as a teacher and a professional member of our school community. I took so many new ideas from our sessions together and at the same time enjoyed the deep conversations that we had every time we met.
    Todays’ activity was so much fun and helped look at our school in more shades and colors.

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