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Andrea Hernandez 

Examples of Blogging Excellence

Models are an important piece in the learning puzzle. Today, members of the cohort are struggling with big-picture questions like, “Why are we doing this work?” and “Can’t we skip this step of blogging through the lens of our own professional learning?”

We opened our day yesterday with a blog-hunt, big and open-ended. I think it makes sense to revisit that work today, after two packed days of learning, with more specific and focused examples. I want you, the cohort teachers, to see yourselves in colleagues who blog their professional learning and whose professional roles most closely mirror your own roles.


Our cohort consists of:

  • Alexis: STEM Coordinator
  • Hadas: 3rd grade Jewish studies chair and technology mentor
  • Rogina: Primary science and math enrichment specialist
  • Kim: Language arts enrichment specialist

I am going to do my best to share some blogs that I think you will find inspiring and interesting, based on your role at CESJDS.

Science and STEM Blogs:
Mr. Peterson’s Science Ed Blog
Teaching Science in the 21st Century
The Nerdy Teacher (makerspaces)

Math Blogs:

Language Arts Blogs:
Read, Write, Reflect: Exploring Literacy and Reflection in the 5th Grade Classroom
Teach Mentor Texts
Two Writing Teachers

Jewish Studies Blogs: I am sorry to say, Hadas, that I do not YET have good examples of JS teacher blogs to share (except for Liat’s blog which you already read!) This is not to say that there is no one blogging about their experience teaching Jewish Studies, but I can not find them at this point.

I think this presents a HUGE opportunity for you to emerge as a leading voice in this very important space through what you share from your own learning as a teacher of Jewish Studies. As you know from reading Liat’s blog, we get ideas and much more from reading blogs. There are many Jewish Studies teachers out there just waiting to read YOURS!

If and when we discover others, let’s make sure to add them to the edJEWcon forum or as a comment here.

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