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Andrea Hernandez 

Day ONE of Transforming

We are wrapping up the first day of the 2-day “bootcamp.” Here are the slides (for both days):

Slide: Literacy has always been defined by technology (we watched the intro where she talks about this idea)

Are you holding back? (Obvious to You, Amazing to Others)

We didn’t have time to watch this one, but maybe another time đŸ™‚
Face Your Fear

My Thoughts and Impressions:

I get so excited about this work. This is my first time doing this blogging work, in-depth, with one cohort of teachers at a school, and it is so rich with potential that I find myself geeking out. I have to remind myself always that it is a process, that change takes time and that, in almost every case, less is more!

We have begun!


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