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edJEWprize: Amazing Opportunity for All Jewish Day Schools

edJEWprize March 2015

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edJEWcon Cleveland- Save the Date: November 16


sponsored by JECC and the Schechter Network with a grant from the AVI CHAI Foundation. November 16, 2014 Cleveland, Ohio Gross Schechter Day School
 Head of School:
Dr. Ari Yares 27601 Fairmount Blvd, Cleveland, 
OH 44124 edJEWcon is a conference based on 21st century professional development where attendees can experience a Jewish day school in transition to […]

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Learning2Learn on Eduplanet 21: Webinar with Silvia Tolisano & Andrea Hernandez


Calling all faculty from Schechter schools: Schechter is working with eduplanet 21 to offer FREE, high quality professional development designed specifically for Jewish Day School educators. In this webinar, edJEWcon co-founders, Silvia Tolisano and Andrea Hernandez highlight  features of learning via this platform.

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CMI2014: Virtual, Global Conference


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FREE, High-Quality Professional Development for Schechter Schools

We are excited to share with you a fantastic, free-of-cost opportunity for summer and year-long professional development. Schechter Network is offering high-quality, self-directed courses designed specifically for Jewish Day School educators. These “learning paths” include content that is relevant to both Jewish and general studies and are open to any interested faculty member at any Schechter […]

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ReFraming Jewish Education in Supplementary Schools

There is so much innovation happening right now in Jewish education. A revolution is taking place, and Jewish educators are striving to find what works. Our two edJEWcons, in 2012 and 2013, at MJGDS were a great success. In 2014, LA and South Florida hosted regional “mini” edJEWcons. We are working (and playing) with ideas […]

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DSLTI Presents: EdCamp 2013!


DSLTI Presents: EdCamp 2013 April 30 – May 1 It is our hope that after this year’s edJEWcon, you will have been inspired by many exciting opportunities to bring back to your school. How do you prioritize what you most want to achieve  and what is the process for implementation? Our DSLTI “add-on” days will […]

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edJEWcon 5773.1 Trailer


edJEWcon5773-TRAILER from MJGDS on Vimeo.

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Registration for edJEWcon 5773.1 Now Open


edJEWcon is a teaching and learning institute, a leadership conference, for Jewish educators. It is a conference about schools, not individuals. We are building a learning community beyond the physical days of attendance in April 2013. The imperative of sharing in the 21st century takes on a myriad of forms. Participating on the edJEWcon’s blogs, […]

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Chris Lehmann’s Keynote: Building School 2.0: Creating the Schools We Need


What is School 2.0? What are the pedagogical ideas that form it? Examine ideas of constructivist pedagogy and the use of 21st Century tools to create schools that are engaging, caring, and relevant places of learning for everyone involved. The history of the formation of the Science Leadership Academy will form the backdrop for this conversation.

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