Challenge 18: 5 Potential Future Blog Posts

I have seen many educators start blogs, only to abandon them after a short while. The reasons are many: it takes too much time writer’s block no one reads it anyway can’t see the benefits right away The word “blogging” is in progressive form (the “-ing” form). The progressive form of a verb is the […]

Challenge 17: Amplify your Reflection

edJEWcon’s mantra is “Learn-Reflect-Share”.  Reflection is an important component of the learning process. It can NOT be seen as an add-on, something to be cut if time is running short. Unfortunately that is precisely what happens most often. We have all heard John Dewey’s quote: “We don’t learn from experience, we learn from reflecting on […]

Challenge 16: Share Your Favorite Blogs

As mentioned in a previous blogging challenge, blogging is about writing, but it begins with reading. In a blog post  titled “Learning isn’t Collecting, it’s Connecting” by Mike Sturm, he points out the difference between collecting and connecting in learning. You see, knowledge is not something you gather and collect, it’s something you make. You […]

Challenge 15: Learn- Reflect- Share

John Dewey, American philosopher and educator, reminds us, that we don’t learn from experience, we learn from REFLECTING on the experience”. In the spirit of living in the 21st century, with a myriad of tools at our disposal to duplicate content and disseminate easily, we are adding SHARE into the routine. In this challenge, you […]

Challenge 14: A Day in your Life

A lot can happen in one day.  All of us wear many hats, we might not even notice all these hats anymore or be conscious of the fast pace we might change these hats. Sometimes, we forget HOW much and WHAT happens, because it has become routine. When we don’t pay attention, we can lose […]

Tips & Tools for Ethical Media Use

Cross-posted from Charles E. Smith’s edJEWcon blog What do ethics have to do with images or audio? In our technological world of remixing and mashups, memes and viral videos, isn’t everything up for grabs? Because I share my work (visuals, videos, etc) in a digital format, does that mean that anyone can use, adapt, reshare or […]

Challenge 13: 30 Second Video Journal

George Couros created the Hashtag #EDUin30 to encourage educators to share their thoughts and reflections, in a short video format. Very few people feel comfortable recording themselves, hearing their own voices and then sharing them publicly, but as George Couros states below: That is actually the point! an opportunity to not only share practices in […]

Challenge 12: Book Review

Blogging is about writing, but it starts with reading. It is about reflecting and documenting our own thinking and learning, but it is about not just consuming information, but sharing and contributing value to the thinking, perspective and learning of others. Over the last 10 years or so, we have started to rely more and […]

Challenge 11: Describe your Classroom/ Workspace

The environment in which we spent most of our days in to work  and its relationship to how we learn has become increasingly an area of interest for educators . This environment has even been called “The Third Teacher”. “It really is a mindset shift,” says Tom Murray, state and district digital learning director for […]

Challenge 10: Wild Card- Create Your Own Blogging Challenge

While Blogging Challenges and other bloggers can inspire you to get started in blogging and in your own writing, blogging is about YOU and YOUR learning journey and YOUR story.  As George Couros points out in his blog post Blogging is your Job, When you look at it as an extra, it will not likely […]