Is reflection a school value?

I was wondering what people think about the place of reflection in our classrooms and in our school culture. This concept was one of the takeaways for me in the program today. It seems to me that technology can be a means for our students and classes to document the learning process, connections and feelings that arise. I don’t think technology is an ends onto itself but a tool for us, one that we are obligated to use in a thoughtful and purposeful way to support our core values and goals. Already, we are extending today’s discussion through technology. Can we make time to continue this discussion? I think reflection is a core value in Michael Brandwein’s work. It is a part of critical thinking and a life skill that I think our students will appreciate.

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Jessica Kaz

I teach first and second grade General Studies and also Kitah Aleph Judaic Studies (Tal Am) at Akiba Schechter Jewish Day School in Hyde Park. This is my fifth year at Akiba. Previously I worked as a museum educator and curator at the Illinois Holocaust Museum and other museums. I love infusing my teaching with art, puppets, skits, songs all to make it meaningful, fun and relevant.

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