At edJEWcon all of the participants come to learn, share ideas, brainstorm, make connections and collaborate with other educators who are struggling with the same issues that impact our school and students.  The sessions are led by teachers just like me and showcase real life examples of innovative ways to use technology to enhance learning in our classrooms.


My biggest take away from edJEWcon was the idea that we need to start educating our students for the year in which they will graduate and go out into the world… this gives me motivation to improve teaching and learning even more and make my classroom more hands on at all times.


This was one of the best conferences I have ever attended.  It was on topic, used the pedagogy it was trying to teach while teaching and sharing (so often not done in other areas of education), had enough support staff to help and was just great fun.


I started implementing what I experienced at edJEWcon the first day I returned to school. I am working on my plan, but I jumped right in-I was compelled to-you made me so enthusiastic to get going!


The most compelling part of the conference was having the opportunity to see and hear from students who are visibly incorporating 21st century skills and literacies. Ultimately, the conference was not about technology but about the deep learning among our students that these tools can help foster.


So inspired and thinking so differently about the way I interact with my students. Amazing interactions and amazing real world applications. Loved it! Excited to take what I have learned back to my school to share!