Beyond Pockets of Excellence in Blogging With Students
There are many, many pockets of excellence in classroom/student blogging out there. These blogs are driven, coached and nurtured by educators who “get it”. They get how blogging can make a difference in student learning, give them real world skills, support 21st century learning skills and literacies and at the same time basic reading and […]
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Top 10 Innovation & Collaboration Thoughts
A buzzword is a word, that is frequently used and fashionable at a particular time or in a particular context. Currently, innovation seems to be such word in the educational arena. Let’s take a closer look at what some are saying about INNOVATION. Guy Kawasaki, in a TED Talk, shares a Top Ten list of […]
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Announcing edJEWcon's Blogging Challenge
What? edJEWcon’s 18 Days of Blogging Challenge: Over the next few weeks edJEWcon will publish 18 Blogging Challenges to support you in becoming a blogger helping to transform Jewish Day School education ONE blog at a time. We encourage you to participate as part of becoming a connected Jewish Day School educator & administrator as […]
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Will  Richardson is trying to answer the question, “What happens to schools and classrooms and learning in a 2.0 world?”

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