Transforming Jewish Education ONE BLOG at a Time
We’ve been working on clarifying our communication about who we are and what we do. The biggest challenge of edJEWcon has been explaining edJEWcon. edJEWcon began as a school-based conference. We invited other Jewish educators to see and experience what was happening at the Martin J. Gottlieb Day School in Jacksonville where we were experimenting with ideas and openly reflecting on […]
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Blogging Through the Lens of SAMR
A blog used as a platform can serve many purposes. It can be the platform : for a simple and static website, where information is  being shared out periodically to replace a traditional newsletter that serves as a school/home communication that serves as a hub for a local classroom learning community that can become a global […]
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Beyond Pockets of Excellence in Blogging With Students
There are many, many pockets of excellence in classroom/student blogging out there. These blogs are driven, coached and nurtured by educators who “get it”. They get how blogging can make a difference in student learning, give them real world skills, support 21st century learning skills and literacies and at the same time basic reading and […]
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blogging as pedagogy

Blogging As Pedagogy

Blogging should not be an add-on, not an isolated project, but…

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Learning about Schoolwide WordPress Blogs with Andrea Hernandez

6 Benefits of Learning in a Connected Community

Will  Richardson is trying to answer the question, “What happens to schools and classrooms and learning in a 2.0 world?”

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